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Oct 22, 2023

When comparing other items in the home, nothing holds value with a market price like gold. So, if you need fast cash, it helps to sell gold jewellery or unwanted gold to pad your bank account. Still, a not-so-good idea is to sell it to buyers online. If you want the best price, sell your gold jewellery to a trustworthy gold buyer instead.

Why, as you can get the best price for your gold with loads of other benefits. For example, selling your unwanted gold helps the environment, and there is less demand for mining operations. So, you will also do your bit for Mother Earth while receiving instant cash.

On the other hand, the same applies when you want to buy gold jewellery pieces as an investment. Buying them from a gold dealer lessens a lot of strain on the environment. You can then get a quality piece for a reasonable price.

So, when you visit a local gold buyer in Brisbane, you are guaranteed to receive the best service with the highest gold price offer for your unwanted gold. In addition, you can expect an experienced on-site gold appraiser to provide you with an accurate measurement for your jewellery.

Whether you have gold chains, rings, coins, bullion, nuggets, or scrap gold, the dealer is more than pleased to take it off your hands. As jewellery rarely has pure gold, the hallmarks are checked for purity with some exceptions.

Hence, you only get paid for the pure gold in the item. Luckily a gold buyer’s staff is experienced enough to assess each piece accurately based on the gold purity. So, the higher the level of gold, the more your item can command in price.

Still, gold jewellery is priced way differently than gold bullion as it is mostly 24k pure gold. Thus, you can expect buyback prices that vary when you sell gold jewellery to a gold buyer. You can expect between $26 to $71 per gram, depending on the purity of gold present.

As a result, put your unused gold pieces to work instead of leaving them in the drawer, collecting dust. Take them and separate your pieces into karat, checking the hallmark and weight using a kitchen scale. But remember, the stones are not calculated in the weight of gold.

Now, you will have a slight idea of what you can get when based on the current scrap gold price. Then visit a gold buyer near me. You are guaranteed they will inspect your items using advanced equipment to get an accurate valuation with an excellent price for your scrap gold.

On the other hand, the inspection process is secure at the location whether you buy or sell gold. Everything is handled confidentially to receive fast cash for your precious metals. Best of all, you will be providing massive favour to the environment, and one good thing is gold cannot be destroyed.

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