• Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Romanian finance platform SeedBlink launches Nimity to simplify equity management

Bucharest-based SeedBlink, a financing platform for European technology startups, announced on Monday that it has launched Nimity, a product that can simplify equity management for entrepreneurs and private investors.

Recognising the importance of equity in successful companies and the generation of wealth for investors, SeedBlink used its knowledge to create Nimity as an extension of its financial services.

SeedBlink’s investment platform attracts local investors in early-stage European tech startups. The platform has invested over €200M in European tech firms since 2020.

“Equity ownership is a catalyst for wealth creation and economic empowerment. When individuals have a stake in their businesses, they are more motivated, productive, and innovative,” says Radu Georgescu, Chairman of the Board at SeedBlink.

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Nimity: Everything you need to know

Nimity aims to improve how European businesses manage critical processes such as cap table tracking, fundraising, ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) automation, investor oversight, and communication.

As part of the launch announcement, SeedBlink is offering a freemium plan.

According to SeedBlink, equity management is a time-consuming endeavour for new businesses and includes investor governance, changes in ownership structure, stock option programmes, and capital raising.

Robbin Hoogstraten, Benelux regional manager of SeedBlink, says, “We notice that starting entrepreneurs want to have their hands free to really do business. SeedBlink, therefore, makes it even easier for entrepreneurs and investors with a simple solution. That’s why we came up with the financial service Nimity.”

“Our aim is not only to help startups with financing through European investors but also to support them with complex administrative tasks,” adds Hoogstraten.

Nimity claims to provide a complete set of features geared to the demands of businesses and stakeholders, including: 

  • Cap Table and Portfolio Management: Track ownership structure and dilution in real-time, offering useful information and facilitating collaboration with stakeholders. 
  • ESOP Administration and Communication: Create and manage employee stock option plans, grow retention of key people and ease understanding of its value with dedicated portals.
  • Financing Infrastructure and Syndicates: Access a simplified platform for preparing and managing syndicated or co-investment rounds of fundraising. Make use of deal rooms and a transaction platform to bundle smaller checks as a single legal entity.

“Our mission is to grow equity ownership in Europe by simplifying access, management, and trading of early-stage companies’ equity. We are building an efficient infrastructure, all things equity for individual stakeholders and institutions to collaborate and inspire companies that drive progress,” says Carmen Sebe, CEO of SeedBlink.

About SeedBlink

SeedBlink is a tech-focused investment platform that allows individual and institutional investors to fund top-tier technology companies and scale-ups. 

The firm aims to provide an effective investment infrastructure for individual and institutional investors to collaborate on financing European tech businesses.

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