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Prismatic Announces the Launch of Its Revolutionary Financial Management Platform

Innovative Platform Delivers Streamlined Financial Insights and Clarity for Small and Mid-Size Multi-Entity Businesses

NEW YORK, January 24, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Prismatic, a next-generation financial accounting technology platform, today announced the launch of its innovative solution designed for multi-entity businesses. This cutting-edge platform is set to transform the landscape of financial accounting, addressing the unique challenges faced by small and mid-sized companies managing complex financial operations.

“Our mission is to simplify the complexities of financial management for multi-entity businesses,” said Dean Palmiter, co-founder and CEO of Prismatic. “We know first-hand what challenges these companies experience because the mainstream providers either lack basic functionality or are too costly and unwieldy for most SMBs. With Prismatic, we’re providing a pathway to clearer, more strategic financial decision-making.”

With an intuitive platform and expert support, Prismatic empowers businesses to make informed financial decisions, save time, reduce costs, and enhance accuracy. The company was founded by industry veteran Palmiter (formerly with Oracle and Sage) and CTO Daniel Kennedy (formerly with Boston Consulting Group), who recognized the limitations of basic accounting management software when handling multi-entity financial data. These limitations require more manual accounting work, which is time-consuming and has a high risk of error. Alternately, larger service providers catering to enterprise-level businesses don’t offer the right-size configuration, leading to too much system complexity at a cost often prohibitive for smaller businesses.

The Prismatic platform is a game-changer for small and mid-size multi-entity businesses, simplifying financial management and delivering valuable insights. It is tailored to demystify QuickBooks’ challenges, offering modern, user-friendly technology and enterprise-grade security backed by expert support and guidance. Prismatic serves businesses of all sizes, streamlining financial processes and bolstering financial management capabilities.

For more information on Prismatic, visit www.prismaticsoftware.com

About Prismatic

Founded in 2023 and based in New York City, Prismatic is revolutionizing financial accounting technology, specifically aimed at simplifying the complexities faced by multi-entity businesses. The company’s primary goal is to demystify QuickBooks’ challenges by offering intuitive solutions that provide valuable insights and reporting for enhanced strategic decision-making and financial management. Prismatic caters to businesses of varying sizes with modern, enterprise-grade technology characterized by ease of use and expert guidance. With a focus on fostering financial confidence and clarity, Prismatic positions itself as a reliable partner in the financial journey, committed to delivering streamlined accounting processes and industry expertise at scale.

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