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Hijab Models from 5 Countries

Bylisa king

Jan 13, 2022

when traveling to other countries such as Malaysia to England, the appearance of the hijab will look distinctive.

The following are the differences in hijab models from five different countries. Indonesia is a country with the most unique and varied hijab styles,


Indonesia is indeed known for its various hijab models, ranging from unique, excited, stacked, simple, to syar’i using various types of hijab. There is no special characteristic for Indonesia, which is predominantly Muslim.

Hijab models with modern patterns or modifications are preferred by Indonesian Muslim women because they make their appearance look more stylish and confident. The diversity of Indonesian Muslim hijab models makes the development of Muslim clothing in the country continue to increase rapidly

2. Malaysia 

In contrast to Indonesia, the Malaysian Muslim hijab model does not vary but is simpler and generally covers the chest. Pashmina or long scarf seems to be the mainstay of almost all Muslim women in Malaysia.

Pashmina is able to cover the chest so that the curves are not exposed. The hijab model also tends to be plain and dark in color. Unisma However, some also wear brightly colored scarves when attending special events. Malaysian Muslim women prefer hijab models that are simple but still fashionable.

3. Turkey

Maybe you often see friends or relatives applying the Turkish hijab model. A number of Indonesian celebrities  often apply the hijab style a la Turkish women.

Almost the same as Malaysia, which always looks simple, Turkish Muslim women have a distinctive hijab model. The hallmark of the Turkish Muslim hijab model is seen from the triangular shape at the top of the hijab.

In addition, Turkish Muslim women prefer to wear pashmina made of silk, both rectangular and long. The uniqueness of the Turkish hijabers style is also seen in the accents of the scarf wrapped around the neck which looks glued and does not cover the chest.

4. English 

British Muslim women also have a simple model that only takes one or two steps. Unlike the Indonesian Muslim hijab model, which is very varied, and sometimes quite complicated.

ritish Muslim hijab models generally always use plain pashmina in various colors, both pastel and dark. The characteristic of the British seasonal hijab model can also be seen from the shape that is slightly given volume at the top as applied by the popular British fashion blogger, Basma Kahie.

The hijab turban model is also a favorite of British Muslim women. Unlike in Indonesia, Muslim women in the UK do not know the ciput or the interior of the hijab. Large earrings also become an accessory that is often used by British Muslim women.

5. Kuwait 

Another one whose hijab model is distinctive is a Muslim woman from Kuwait. notices, Muslim women in the country wear short pashmina so that it does not pile up around the neck.

Kuwaiti Muslim women are also more comfortable with a simple hijab model that is wrapped around the neck so that it does not cover the chest. The typical hijab model appears on the folds on both sides of the face near the eyebrows. Usually the side is deliberately folded in a little so that the front covers the upper forehead, Bun.

 do you like hijab models from which country?

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