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From Engineering & Finance, To Social Media Manager Roles, These Are Best Jobs Of 2024 In India, Check Indeed Report

In 2024, highly desirable jobs in India include positions in engineering, finance, operations, digital marketing, and accounting. Additionally, sought-after roles are also found in sectors like social media, marketing, and therapy, as per a report from job portal Indeed India.

Currently, there is a strong demand for mid-level management positions in various industries. However, the latest Indeed India report shows that there are only 5 technology sector jobs available, a decrease from the 15 tech jobs that were available in the previous year.

“Within the past year, we’ve witnessed unprecedented technological advancements and economic conditions that have left a lasting impact on the jobs market. Our data shows that there seems to be a cautious approach to hiring for tech jobs, indicating that other areas such as finance, operations, digital marketing and accounting are sunrise sectors for jobseekers to explore,” Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales, Indeed India said. 

Top jobs in India in 2024

According to data from its platform, job positions like senior engineer, operations lead, and social media manager are some of the most sought-after roles in India in 2024 due to factors such as availability, salary, opportunity for growth, and the prevalence of remote or hybrid work options in job postings. 

Some of the most sought-after positions are business manager, finance manager, senior .net developer, electrical designer, senior digital marketer, cluster manager, and occupational therapist. The top-paying roles are typically in mid-management, such as accounting manager, assistant leader, senior engineer, cluster manager, supply chain manager, and finance manager.

The average salaries for these positions vary from Rs 8 lakh per year to Rs 9.7 lakh per year (LPA). Only two technical positions, namely senior .net developer and senior engineer, are included in the top 10 highest-paying roles.

Job role  Mean salary (LPA)

Senior engineer Rs 9,12,3072. 

Operations lead Rs 7,09,8553. 

Social media manager Rs 4,47,1404. 

Business manager Rs 5,27,6215.

Finance manager Rs 8,04,5996. 

Senior net developer Rs 9,58,2857. 

Electrical designer Rs 4,93,8058. 

Senior digital marketer Rs 4,68,7429. 

Cluster manager Rs 8,10,86810. 

Occupational therapist Rs 5,27,28311. 

Supply chainRs 8,07,22212.

 Content manager Rs 6,67,86113. 

Senior architect Rs 7,69,69514.

 Accounting manager Rs 9,77,03215. 

Senior electrical engineer Rs 5,97,36916. 

Performance manager Rs 6,29,24017.

Finance assistant Rs 5,36,91818. 

Customer care manager Rs 4,76,70119. 

Assistant leader Rs 9,21,06820.

 Industrial engineer Rs 4,68,202

Furthermore, the occupations that have experienced the most significant increase in the past three years include operations lead (654 percent), assistant leader (332 percent), performance manager (177 percent), senior electrical engineer (174 percent), senior engineer (130 percent), and electrical designer (122 percent).

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