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Effective IT Financial Management Streamlines Decision-Making by Enhancing Transparency and Stakeholder Engagement, Says Info-Tech Research Group

The research and advisory firm’s latest findings reveal what mature IT financial management (ITFM) looks like, giving IT leaders principles and a holistic approach to navigate increasing complexity and improve the organization’s strategy for ITFM.

TORONTO, Nov. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of financial management within IT, the need for a holistic approach to IT financial management (ITFM) becomes more apparent. Addressing this critical need, global IT research and advisory firm Info-Tech Research Group has released its latest blueprint, “Take a Holistic Approach to IT Financial Management.” This timely and research-focused resource is designed to assist IT and business leaders in navigating the complexities of ITFM, offering insights and strategies to transform IT from a perceived cost center into a value-driven part of the organization.

Info-Tech Research Group’s “Take a Holistic Approach to IT Financial Management” blueprint explores what mature ITFM looks like, providing IT leaders with principles and a holistic approach to overall ITFM improvement. (CNW Group/Info-Tech Research Group)

“The increasing complexity of technology and investment in IT has placed significant pressure on the people and processes involved. IT leaders, tasked with managing their departments like a business and making pivotal organizational decisions, face significant responsibilities and stakeholder expectations,” says Jennifer Perrier, principal research director within Info-Tech Research Group’s financial management practice.IT financial management (ITFM) is a critical tool for these leaders, enabling them to generate and demonstrate value to stakeholders while facilitating meaningful conversations with business partners and leadership teams. It also highlights the necessary trade-offs for achieving shared goals.

Info-Tech’s research highlights the critical role of effective IT financial management in today’s complex business environment. The blueprint underscores the importance of aligning IT spending with organizational strategy and the need for transparent, accountable financial practices. By adopting a holistic approach, IT leaders can ensure that their financial management not only supports but also drives business objectives, fostering a culture of strategic investment and cost optimization.

The blueprint explains that ITFM as a practice consists of three general disciplines underpinned by transparency. Maturity can vary across the disciplines, but none will improve consistently or rapidly without transparency backing it up. The three disciplines for ITFM in the firm’s new resource are outlined below at a high level:

  • Govern – Build an ITFM Foundation: ITFM governance establishes the fundamental rules for financial decision-making within an organization. It encompasses legal and regulatory mandates, defining accountabilities and responsibilities, and setting policies and standards. Additionally, it involves managing stakeholder relationships, overseeing communications, allocating resources, selecting tools, and aligning with strategic objectives. This discipline involves educating the IT team, setting up the ITFM governance structure, and standardizing financial data.

  • Forecast & Budget – Plan & Manage IT Spending: Forecasting and budgeting are the planning steps for future IT spending and are the most widely deployed ITFM functions. These functions involve the development of business cases for new spending, setting spending priorities, projecting future costs, and securing necessary funding. While the steps involved in forecasting and budgeting are generally similar across organizations, there can be variations in terms of time frames and the degree of rigor applied.

  • Bridge the Divide – Generate & Demonstrate IT Value: This discipline focuses on maximizing value from IT investments and expenditures. It encompasses the analysis and adjustment of spending on assets, vendors, projects, and labor to adapt to evolving business conditions. This specific discipline is about managing costs effectively and achieving tangible benefits. Optimizing costs and demonstrating value are the most advanced yet least practiced aspects of ITFM.

Info-Tech’s research emphasizes that the objective of IT financial management is not merely about controlling costs or meeting budget targets. Instead, it’s about strategically aligning IT investments with organizational goals and deriving maximum value from every dollar spent. IT leaders are encouraged to adopt a holistic approach, balancing cost optimization with value generation, ensuring their IT initiatives contribute significantly to the overall success of their organizations. By focusing on strategic financial management, IT departments can transform from cost centers to value drivers, fostering sustainable growth and innovation.

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