November 29, 2022

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Cybersecurity in the company – why is it worth to undergo Cyber Security Training?

Nowadays, almost every company or organization has its own internal database or website. Unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs are aware of the threat posed by cybercriminals. Increasingly frequent and unpredictable attacks can cause a lot of damage. For this reason, it is worth taking an interest in Cyber Security Training. Read on to find out more!

What is Cyber Security Training?

Cyber Security Training courses organized by platforms such as CDeX are comprehensive trainings that help improve cybersecurity in the company. They are perfect for people who are just starting their adventure with cyber security, as well as for those who consider themselves specialists today. The trainings allow you to practice your existing skills, but also show new ways to strengthen the protection of your organization’s networks and data. During the trainings, simultaneous hacking attacks are carried out automatically or under the supervision of specialists monitoring the course of the training and the steps taken by the participants.

Learn about Cyber Security Training!

Cyber Security Trainings offered by the CDeX platform can be carried out without the prior purchase of a Cyber Range Platform – a virtual environment in which exercises in the field of cybersecurity are performed.

Two types of training stand out among Cyber Security Training. The first is team work: Red Team vs Blue Team. It is a simulation in which the participants are divided into two teams. The Red Team deals with database attacks. They try to put their information, for example the team name, in the files of the opposing team. The task of the Blue Team is to effectively repel the attack using old and new methods of cyber protection.

An interesting solution may also be the automatic training offered by CDeX, addressed to individuals or small teams. It consists in going through ready-made scenarios that help to understand the actions of cybercriminals.

Benefits for the company

Thanks to Cyber Security Training, the company’s employees and future specialists gain not only access to analyses and theoretical materials, but also practical cybersecurity skills. Trainings are available remotely 24/7, which means that they can be done anywhere and anytime!