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Condominium Lending Group welcomes industry experts to the team

Condominium Lending Group

Strategic additions position Condominium Lending Group for continued growth and innovation.

NEWMARKET, Ontario, Jan. 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Announcing a significant development aimed at elevating its position in the condominium industry, Condominium Lending Group is thrilled to announce the addition of accomplished industry experts to its esteemed team.

Ryan Griffiths, now the Managing Director of Condominium Lending Group, brings over 10 years of experience dedicated to working with condominium corporations, and over 20 years of extensive experience in commercial lending. Formerly the Director of Condominium Finance at CWB Maxium Financial, Ryan is passionate about helping condominium communities across Canada navigate funding challenges, with a focus on crafting and implementing tailored financing solutions to meet the specific needs of each community. Ryan is an active member and contributor to the condominium industry, currently serving as the Vice-President of CCI Huronia, the Chair of the CCI National Finance and Risk Management Committee, and the Chair of the CCI Golden Horseshoe Professional & Business Partners Committee. “Joining Condominium Lending Group is an exciting opportunity to enhance an existing business committed to supporting condominium communities through the unprecedented challenges facing the industry,” noted Griffiths.

Lyndsey McNally, recently appointed as a Director of Condominium Lending Group, leverages her expertise from over 20 years experience in condominium finance and operations. As President of the Toronto & Area Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute, and subject matter expert for Humber College on financial management for condominiums, Lyndsey is focused on the importance of educating the market to ensure the ongoing success of condominium communities. With additional qualifications as a licensed condominium manager, Lyndsey is set to play a pivotal role in shaping Condominium Lending Group’s strategic direction and success in condominium financing. “I am thrilled to be a part of Condominium Lending Group, where client-centric solutions are at the forefront of our approach to condominium financing,” explained McNally. “I will be able to provide the right flexibility to help clients with their unique financial goals.”

Ryan Swain joins the team as a Sales Associate. Ryan has been working exclusively with condominium corporations for the last 5 years and has a deep understanding of the funding challenges facing condominium communities and expertise in crafting tailored solutions for their needs.

Condominium Lending Group operates as a subsidiary of Care Lending Group Inc. (CLG), a privately held Canadian Finance company offering tailored lease and loan solutions to the Golf, Healthcare, Insurance and Financial Advisor industries. Condominium Lending Group is revolutionizing the lending experience for condo and strata boards. Specializing in customer specific financial solutions, Condominium Lending Group offers customized loans and an education focused approach to address a myriad of needs. With extensive experience financing all types of common element repairs or replacements for components such as parking garages, balconies, windows, doors, and building envelopes, their comprehensive approach extends to assets such as super & guest suites, HVAC & geothermal systems, lobbies, recreational facilities, parking units and more. With a commitment to versatility and a keen understanding of the unique requirements of condominium communities, Condominium Lending Group emerges as the go-to resource in the Canadian market for innovative and personalized financial solutions.

The infusion of talent marks a pivotal moment for Condominium Lending Group as it continues to expand its capabilities and enhance its standing as a leader in the condominium industry. The new members bring a wealth of experience and expertise that align seamlessly with the company’s commitment to providing expertise to Canadian condominium communities, evaluating complex funding options, and implementing custom solutions. With the introduction of our new team additions, we anticipate becoming the leading lender in the Canadian condominium market.

Condominium Lending Group actively supports associations including the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) and the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO), contributing to initiatives that foster collaboration and advancement within the industry. By engaging with CCI, ACMO, and other key organizations, Condominium Lending Group aims to strengthen ties with the condominium community and collectively drive education, positive impact, and innovation in the industry.

The introduction of new team members positions Condominium Lending Group to become the leading lender in the Canadian condominium market. In a market where expertise, flexibility and delivery are paramount, Condominium Lending Group stands out by offering industry leading experts, quicker and more flexible solutions than traditional banks, providing great service and better options through extended terms and longer amortization periods for clients seeking a personalized and innovative lending experience.

About Condominium Lending Group
Condominium Lending Group is a privately held Canadian financing company. Condominium Lending Group offers innovative and tailored lending solutions to condominium corporations faced with reserve fund shortfalls. Care Lending Group brings deep industry expertise along with a commitment to building long-term, caring relationships. More at: https://www.condolending.com

Paul McLean, Chief Executive Officer | [email protected]

Dan Gilchrist, EVP, Sales | [email protected]

Ryan Griffiths, Managing Director | [email protected] | 905.537.3557

Lyndsey McNally, Director | [email protected] | 437.688.9181
Ryan Swain, Sales Associate | [email protected] | 437.239.8734


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