• Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Cloud Finance and Salt Edge team up to boost business finance management

Cloud Finance, a software solution for corporate finance based in Italy, has joined forces with Salt Edge, a leading provider of open banking solutions. They are working together to create an environment where professionals and businesses can harness the full potential of open banking to make smart financial choices, improve efficiency, and fuel economic progress.

Cloud Finance is dedicated to creating, developing, promoting, and selling various cloud software solutions for corporate finance, with a strong focus on artificial intelligence. The company provides various software applications for financial analysis, forecasting, business planning, business valuation, smart accounting, and ERP systems to cater to the needs of Italian-based professionals, financial consultants, analysts, entrepreneurs, and small-medium businesses.

In today’s competitive market for financial analysis, success hinges on using dependable, precise, and user-friendly technologies that efficiently aid professionals in analysing their own businesses. Cloud Finance recognised the significance of the task and teamed up with Salt Edge to get assistance in automating their entire business process. By choosing to join the open banking pioneer’s Partner Program for account information services, Cloud Finance gains access to  thousands open banking channels compliantly without having to acquire their own PSD2 licence. Salt Edge handles all technical, security, and compliance matters so that Cloud Finance can focus on what they are best at–their core business.

On top of that, the open banking solution enables Cloud Finance users to perform real-time monitoring of current and projected liquidity and cash flows, as well as treasury management automation by connecting all their existing accounts to the software. As of now, 78% of Cloud Finance customers utilise the Salt Edge bank connection, with the aim of achieving 100% adoption in the future.

Dr. Umberto Tranfaglia, CEO & Co-Founder of Cloud Finance: At Cloud Finance, we are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to achieve financial sustainability and drive seamless growth through our innovative solutions. We found Salt Edge to be a reliable partner on this mission. Their solutions have seamlessly integrated with our platform, allowing for easy and fast bank account connectivity, all while strongly emphasising security and compliance with current regulations. We look forward to a continued partnership with Salt Edge to provide our clients with the most enjoyable experience possible.

Andrei Scutari, Country Manager at Salt Edge: Our ultimate goal at Salt Edge is to provide businesses with better access to technology and financial data, enabling them to put ideas into action for the benefit of their customers. This partnership serves as a great illustration of how such an achievement can be made. We strongly support Cloud Finance in their mission to embrace technology innovations to deal with the financial sector’s complex challenges today and look forward to building a bridge between technology and the finance sphere together via open banking.

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