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Best-Seller on Amazon Proves to be Ultimate Guide to Mastering Money Matters


Published September 8, 2023

Shihan Sheriff, the founder of SS Coaching and best-selling author, helps non-financial managers decipher complex financial principles and make informed business decisions.

Financial literacy is key to managing money effectively, but managers without a background in finance may find concepts such as budgeting, building and improving credit, saving, borrowing and repaying debt, and investing challenging.

A recently released Amazon best-seller demystifies finance for non-finance managers and explains the intricacies of accounting fundamentals in simple terms. Written by business coach Shihan Sheriff, “Accounting Fundamentals: A Non-Finance Manager’s Guide to Finance & Accounting” is a comprehensive guide that helps them grasp the basic principles and takes the guesswork out of managing finance. 

The founder of SS Coaching, Shihan is also an accomplished Chief Financial Officer at Esanjo and VP of Finance at Nomod, a Y Combinator-backed global business and technology powerhouse based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. His educational background features two Master of Business Administration degrees—a general MBA from Torrens University, Australia and a specialized MBA in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence from Collège de Paris, France. He is also a qualified member of prestigious global accounting bodies such as CIMA, United Kingdom, CPA, Australia, CGMA in the U.S., and UAECA in the U.A.E.

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Shihan has worked in various industries, from e-commerce, payment processing, warehousing, and logistics to hotel management, agri-commodity trading, and more. His professional rise from an assistant account to VP of Finance is a testament to his dedication and in-depth understanding of the field.

Throughout his career, he had witnessed non-finance managers struggle with numbers and make wrong business decisions, often creating new problems or resulting in losses. This book will help them comprehend how to interpret and analyze financial data and, eventually, take steps that help their businesses.

The book covers all relevant topics, including financial statements, budgeting and forecasting, ratios, cash flow management, financial analysis, understanding capital management, and taxation and management accounting. It bridges the gap between the financial expert and non-finance manager, enabling them to collaborate effectively and contribute to their organization’s fiscal success.

Presented in reader-friendly language, the book offers practical, tried, and tested strategies and action plans business owners and professionals of diverse backgrounds and experience can easily understand, helping propel their businesses toward sustainable success. Summaries and quizzes at the end of every chapter encapsulate the subject discussed, reinforce their learning, and allow them to assess their understanding.

Knowledge of finance is an advantage in both business and personal life. People spend a large part of life working toward financial stability and progress. Understanding the world of numbers helps one to weigh options and make informed choices for their monetary situation. Both professionals and students stand to gain from this easy, comprehensible book.

The meticulously crafted book covers essential principles and practices through 13 chapters that engage the readers enough to empower them to navigate their financial landscape with confidence. Readers leave exceptional reviews, and it is not at all a surprise that within a short span of its release, the book achieved the best seller status.

Those who wish to connect with the author can send a message via the contact form on his website, https://moneymasterhq.com/ or email him on [email protected]. There is also an interesting blog on the site, written by him, and a free-to-download e-book. The book “Accounting Fundamentals: A Non-Finance Managers Guide to Finance and Accounting,” is available on Amazon, and upon purchase, readers can avail of special bonuses in the form of free book resources via MoneyMasterHQ.com

Shihan Sheriff’s “Accounting Fundamentals: A Non-Finance Manager’s Guide to Finance & Accounting” is an essential guide that breaks down complex concepts into easily digestible information and encourages critical thinking with a practical and engaging approach. With his extensive experience in finance and accounting, he shares his insights in a well-structured and easy-to-follow narrative—a reflection of his passion for education. The book is a must-read for anyone seeking to improve their financial literacy.

About Shihan Sheriff:

Shihan Sheriff is a seasoned financial expert with more than 18 years of experience in finance and accounting. His passion for sharing his wisdom and understanding with non-finance professionals, managers and business owners helps boost teamwork and progression of their companies. His best-selling book “Accounting Fundamentals: A Non-Finance Manager’s Guide to Finance & Accounting” is the culmination of his dedication to making the knowledge of finance and accounting accessible to all. It serves as a comprehensive guide that deciphers complex concepts and principles. The book is available on Amazon and comes with free book resources.

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