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10 Best Personal Finance Blogs to Increase Your Money Skills

Good Financial Cents

Jeff Rose, a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, started his personal finance blog, Good Financial Cents, in 2008. He is a combat veteran, former financial advisor, and author of Soldier of Finance. With its engaging and informative content, this blog provides the tools and insights readers need to make better financial decisions.

From budgeting and debt consolidation to retirement planning and saving for college, the Good Financial Cents blog covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to anyone who wants to strengthen their financial literacy.

The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder is a personal finance blog that helps people save and make money. Its founder, Kyle Taylor, started the blog in 2010 by sharing a story of how he got out of debt and made significant changes in his lifestyle. The blog caters to different types of personal finance, including saving and making more money, how to build credit, frugality, and lifestyle changes.

Debt Free Guys

Married couple David Auten and John Schneider are the Debt Free Guys. Their mission is to help other gay men manage their finances better. In doing so, they hope their readers can enjoy more fulfilling lives. Their blog shares how they recovered from enormous credit card debt and started living fabulously. You can follow in their footsteps with their approachable, step-by-step advice.

The pair also host Queer Money, a podcast focused on financial issues for the LGBTQ community.

Rich & Regular

Julien and Kirsten are Mr. and Mrs. Rich & Regular. Julien and Kirsten paid off $200k in debt over five years while also boosting their net worth. Their site, launched in 2015, empowers other families to find financial freedom.

Rich and Regular provides an honest look at how to master your finances through simple concepts. There are no get-rich-quick schemes — only real people with a real plan to pursue financial independence.

Marriage, Kids, and Money

Another website created to help families with their finances is Marriage, Kids, and Money. Andy Hill launched the site and a matching podcast in 2016. In the beginning, he shared how his family became debt free — and then millionaires — in less than 10 years.

What started as a fun side hustle is now his full-time job. Marriage, Kids, and Money is chock full of useful content for young families like paying off debt, retiring early, and reaching financial independence. It also has some helpful financial tools, as well as tips on strengthening your relationships.

Inspired Budget

If you’re looking for a budgeting system that works, Inspired Budget should be your number one stop. Not only is Allison Baggerly one of the kindest bloggers online, but she also speaks from experience.

Allison’s budgeting story started in 2011, when she was newly married and drowning in six-figure debt. Allison and her husband paid off their debt in five years. Inspired Budget is a culmination of the lessons they learned. Her goal is to help women manage their money better, make financial plans, and achieve financial freedom.

Allison’s site is full of free budgeting resources everyone can use, including helpful tips and motivational debt-free stories. For extra help and inspiration, check out Inspired Budget‘s Instagram account, which has daily tips on budgeting and paying off debt.

Clever Girl Finance

Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) Bola Sokunbi founded Clever Girl Finance to empower women, by providing accountability and motivation to pursue financial goals. Clever Girl Finance may be one of the best sources of free financial resources online. The site features over 30 permanently-free financial courses along with a host of other resources.

You’ll find useful articles on the blog, too, touching on topics like insurance, debt, business, budgeting, investing, and much more.

Reading personal finance blogs is an excellent way to learn foundational financial principles, view money through a different lens, and change your mindset. Check out the blogs mentioned above to learn more about managing money and increase your financial IQ.


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