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Top 5 Personal Finance Tools to Check Out in the Post-Mint Era

Understanding one’s financial situation, including income, expenses, budget, investments, and credit score, is not just beneficial; it’s a necessity. Utilizing a personal finance app enables individuals to stay informed and potentially enhance their financial
standing, including debt reduction. These apps provide features such as expense tracking, budgeting tools, investment portfolio management, and credit score monitoring, all within a convenient platform. What’s more, they offer insights into spending habits,
alert users to potential overspending, and assist in setting and achieving financial goals.

While 2024 started with Mint shutting down, numerous other personal finance apps have emerged to fill the void and provide even more comprehensive financial management solutions. With the right personal finance app, users can take control of their finances
and work towards a more secure future. 

These are the top personal finance tools to check out in the post-Mint era:


Sequence, the world’s pioneering financial router, empowers users to visualize their cash flow, establish smart routing rules, implement the power of conditional logic, and assert authority over the allocation of their finances across multiple accounts.
It enables individuals to programmatically manage their entire financial portfolio, facilitating the movement of funds between accounts and executing if-this-and-that scenarios seamlessly.

With Sequence, users gain complete mastery over their finances, offering a comprehensive overview of their financial landscape. Through seamless connectivity, all platforms including banks, apps, and credit cards are integrated, allowing users to leverage
their money efficiently for any financial transaction, whether simple or complex.


Quicken is committed to empowering its customers to lead financially healthy and confident lives. Its mission extends beyond mere budgeting to fostering financial growth, whether it’s providing for families, funding a college education, building investments,
or increasing net worth. Quicken aims to support individuals in retiring with a sense of security, enabling them to enjoy the life they’ve worked hard to create. 

Today, Quicken is one of the top-selling personal finance software in the US. Its offerings have expanded to include Quicken Classic on the web, the Quicken Classic Companion App available for iOS and Android, and Quicken Simplifi, a web and mobile app tailored
for the digital-native generation, introduced in 2020. 


Greenlight is a debit card and money app designed specifically for families. Its mission is to illuminate the ins and outs of finances for families and empower parents to cultivate financially savvy children. Parents are equipped with tools to establish
flexible spending controls, manage chores, automate allowances, and invest in their children’s futures.

Recommended for ages 8 to 22, Greenlight’s functionality expands as children grow older. Teens can even gain authorization to use a credit card, initiating the process of building a positive credit score. Meanwhile, younger children can engage in educational
games provided by the platform.


Beyond mere budgeting, YNAB catalyzes efficient money management, offering proactive features designed to optimize savings and spending habits. Users benefit from YNAB’s dynamic budgeting approach, which encourages goal setting, meticulous expense tracking,
and the flexibility to adjust budgets in response to evolving circumstances. 

Furthermore, YNAB facilitates seamless integration with various financial accounts, including checking and savings accounts, as well as credit cards and loans. Its accessibility extends across multiple devices, from smartphones and desktop computers to iPads,
Apple Watches, and Alexa-enabled devices.

Rocket Money

Formerly recognized as Truebill, Rocket Money empowers individuals to optimize their financial well-being, offering a comprehensive suite of services aimed at providing unique insights into financial management while saving both time and money. Rocket Money
equips members with the tools necessary to streamline subscription management, reduce expenses, establish budgets, and effortlessly allocate funds toward achieving savings objectives.

Key features of Rocket Money include transaction tracking, bill management, and access to credit scores. Additionally, the platform goes the extra mile by negotiating bills on behalf of users and facilitating the cancellation of unwanted subscriptions, further
enhancing financial control and efficiency.


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