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New “Unconventional Wisdom” Podcast Reviews Keys to Successful Financial Planning

TORONTO, July 31, 2023 /CNW/ – Canadian fee-for-service financial planner Ed Rempel is on a mission to educate Canadians about the value of personal financial plans. That goal reached a milestone this month with the announcement that his Unconventional Wisdom podcast is now streaming on 27 platforms and has been downloaded by more than 8,000 listeners.

Ed Rempel is unconventional in his approach to financial planning, and his listeners love it. His insights are based on the more than 1,000 financial plans he has created for clients over the course of his career.

“A financial plan is the GPS for your life,” he says. “It is really a life plan. Plan to have enough money for the life you want.”

Launched in mid-March, the podcast features engaging conversations and real-life case studies, equipping listeners with the insights and unconventional wisdom that are key to making sound financial decisions.

Ed Rempel’s strategies transcend norms, charting a path to financial security. An example of his approach came in a recent podcast when he made the unconventional statement that, “Essentially nobody can retire comfortably investing in a balanced portfolio that the investment industry recommends.”

Instead, Rempel urges an informed focus on equities. “From writing financial plans, I realized that investing with a high equity allocation and leveraging for the long-term is very effective to achieve your life goals if done by the right people in the right way,” he says. “Risk tolerance is a skill you can learn. Listen to the rest, then listen to my blog to find out what works in real life.”

As Rempel surveys the Canadian financial services landscape, he sees cookie-cutter strategies. “Contrary to the lip service often offered in the financial industry, my podcast instead focuses on delivering professional financial plans tailored to the unique circumstances and aspirations of each individual and unconventional strategies based on experience to achieve them.”

About Ed Rempel

Ed Rempel is a blogger, fee-for-service financial planner, and tax accountant with decades of experience developing financial plans. He writes the #1 finance blog in Canada and has built one of the largest financial planning practices in the country. For 12 years Ed Rempel was also a guest author on the popular Million Dollar Journey blog.

To learn how to access Ed Rempel’s Unconventional Wisdom podcast, visit: https://edrempel.com .

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