• Thu. May 23rd, 2024

How Generative AI Is Changing Personal Finance for Homeowners

An explosion of generative AI technology built on large language models has been released to the market. Both consumers and businesses that service homeowners, such as our digital home management platform, HomeZada, are working on how to incorporate AI technologies to improve the financial management of their homes and how to provide more value to homeowners.

How AI can bring self-service to digital home management

Consumers go through a continuous cycle of homeownership. It starts when you go through the process of buying your first home. Then you go through a journey of trial and error, discovering what it takes to manage, maintain and renovate your specific home in your specific location. Different seasonal weather patterns, different home ages, different renovation projects and different changing financial conditions lead to always changing dynamics. After five to seven years, you may decide it’s time to sell your home and buy another one. This cycle repeats itself multiple times in your lifetime.


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