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Getting to Know: A Q&A with Ripon’s new finance manager/assistant city administrator | News

The city of Ripon has appointed a new finance director/assistant city administrator.

Amanda Toney

On Dec. 14, the Common Council approved appointing Amanda Toney to the position.

Before being named the new finance director, Toney served as the Green Lake County treasurer/real property lister.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she has been the Green Lake County treasurer since 2017, and the town of Brooklyn treasurer since 2012.

Toney also was a finalist for a city administrator position in Omro.

The city of Ripon had eight-to-nine qualified candidates apply, but only four candidates, including Toney, were interviewed, according to City Administrator Adam Sonntag.

The Commonwealth caught up with Toney to learn more about what attracted her to the position, and what her goals will be in serving the city of Ripon.

Here’s the conversation:

Q. What attracted you to the position of Ripon’s finance manager/assistant city administrator?

A. This position was something I have been interested in for quite some time. The responsibilities of this position are things that I am interested in and enjoy doing. I enjoy doing the day-to-day tasks, but I also thrive when I am involved in new challenges.

Q. What was the interview process like?

A. Similar to any other interview process. I first spoke with Adam Sonntag before submitting my resume to ensure the position was still vacant.

After speaking with him, I forwarded him my resume. I was then calling in for an interview with Adam, the mayor and the city clerk, which took roughly an hour.

After that, I heard back from Adam that they would like to proceed with contacting my references. Upon completion of speaking to all of my references, I was offered the position. I thought about the offer over the weekend before accepting.

Q. What are you looking forward to about the position?

A. Being able to put my skills that I have learned at the county to use in a different level of government. I love the path that Ripon is headed and I am excited to be a part of it.

Q. Could you describe your role as the Green Lake County treasurer and how that will inform your work for the city of Ripon?

A. As county treasurer, one of my main statutory responsibilities is receiving and disbursing all of the county’s funds. I am also in charge of all of the county’s investments, disbursement of levy dollars and management of the sales tax dollars to name a few. I feel these qualities will serve me well in my new role as the finance director.

Q. What attracted you to working in local government?

A. I have grown up being around local government and thoroughly enjoy it. My mom started as the county treasurer when I was 5.

From her, I was able to get a first-hand look at how local government worked.

I then started as the town of Brooklyn treasurer in 2012 and really enjoy seeing how all entities of government work together. The longer I am involved in local government, the more I grow to love it.

Q. How is working in government rewarding?

A. Honestly, I have always enjoyed helping the public and find it very rewarding. For example, when I can help someone understand how their tax bill is calculated and what figures make up their tax amount, I really enjoy that.

Explaining a process that has multiple layers in a way that the public feels more educated brings me great joy.

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