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FinTech Company Welcomes Josh Dennis as Vice President of Finance and Accounting


Published August 22, 2023

Net Pay Advance, a leading player in the financial services industry, is thrilled to announce the addition of Josh Dennis to its executive team as the Vice President of Finance and Accounting. With an impressive track record spanning both accounting and finance, Dennis brings an array of knowledge and innovative thinking to his new role.

Prior to joining Net Pay Advance, Dennis held progressive positions at esteemed institutions Grant Thornton LLP, Spirit AeroSystems, and CURO Financial Technologies. His journey within CURO Financial Technologies provided him with invaluable insights and growth opportunities. There, he started as a Senior Analyst and rose to senior management and eventually a directorial role. The growth that he relished makes it clear that he is well-poised to take on the role of Vice President of Finance and Accounting at Net Pay Advance.

“Josh’s expertise and mindset perfectly align with our commitment to driving excellence in financial strategy,” says company president, Brian Staver.

From an early age, Dennis knew where his interests lay. His fascination in accounting began during high school, and from there, he was driven to pursue degrees in both accounting and finance. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in both accounting and finance from Wichita State University, Dennis embarked on a journey that would see him achieve success in both disciplines.

Dennis’ career journey has been nothing short of dynamic, encompassing a blend of accounting and finance roles that have honed his expertise in both fields. His work ethic and dedication have always shone through, and this commitment was evident when he undertook the challenging task of earning his CPA certification while working full-time. The accomplishment of passing the CPA exam, undertaken during his tenure at Grant Thornton LLP, stands as a testament to his dedication and tenacity.

Dennis’ decision to join Net Pay Advance was fueled by a combination of factors. His enthusiasm for working in both accounting and finance spheres found a perfect match in the role’s requirements. Furthermore, the company’s ongoing growth trajectory resonated with Dennis, and he was eager to contribute to its continued success.

In his new capacity, Dennis is already making waves with his forward-thinking approach. He is committed to streamlining the accounting process by implementing innovative ideas that reduce administrative tasks, thus enabling the team to focus on more strategic initiatives. While acknowledging the department’s effective structure, Dennis aims to take it to the next level by infusing modern practices and approaches.

One of Dennis’ key initiatives is the development of enhanced forecasting models that align with the company’s future goals over the next four to twelve months. This approach to forecasting is a crucial step forward for the company, aligning it with industry best practices. By leveraging Dennis’ expertise, Net Pay Advance aims to enhance its ability to anticipate market trends and make informed strategic decisions.

Director of Marketing Ariel Westphal explains, “His track record of success and dedication to his craft make him an invaluable addition to the Net Pay Advance leadership team. We are confident that Josh’s contributions will play a pivotal role in advancing our financial functions and propelling us to new heights.”

Dennis’ contributions also extend to the crucial area of cash flow management, a particularly essential aspect for a lending-focused business like Net Pay Advance. His expertise in tracking and analyzing cash flow will play a pivotal role in optimizing financial operations and ensuring the company’s continued stability and growth.

Reflecting on his career journey, Dennis emphasizes the importance of effectively conveying a company’s financial story. He notes that the process of forecasting and financial analysis requires meticulous attention to detail. However, the ultimate success lies in presenting complex data in a digestible and coherent manner.

Dennis shares the analogy, “A restaurant owner doesn’t need to know every detail of how the meal is made. They need a skilled chef who can ensure the food is prepared well. The owner wants to know the chef can plate the food in a presentable way.” He continues to explain that forecasting operates in a similar fashion. Meticulous work is put into the creation, yet the crux is in the ability to present information clearly using an easy-to-understand story.

Dennis’ emphasis on clear and concise communication via story aligns seamlessly with Net Pay Advance’s vision of building its own brand story.

The appointment of Josh Dennis as Vice President of Finance and Accounting underscores Net Pay Advance’s commitment to excellence and innovation. With his well-rounded expertise and visionary approach, Dennis is poised to steer the financial and accounting functions to new heights, contributing significantly to the company’s ongoing success.

Net Pay Advance is a prominent player in the financial services sector, offering innovative solutions that empower individuals to meet their financial needs. With a commitment to customer service and industry-leading practices, Net Pay Advance continues to be a trusted partner for those seeking reliable financial support.

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