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Finance Officer – Syrian Arab Republic

We are a group of young men and women from around the world with diverse professional and academic backgrounds. We believe that human development begins with knowledge and awareness. We design and implement quality educational projects for displaced children and youth, using a comprehensive approach that aims for the all-around development of children and youth, their sustainable livelihood, their integration into society, that enables them to participate in the mainstream development process and contributes to building a sustainable community through education.

Our Vision:
A diverse and solidarity society that learns and empowers efficiently and creatively

Our Mission:
We create a creative learning and empowering environment for children and youth that explores and interconnects resources available in diverse communities for mutual benefit and sustainable giving.


  • Equality
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Inclusiveness
  • Innovation

We are looking for Finance Officer to Develop and maintain financial systems ,plan, direct, and control accounting and financial operations,and prepares reports and documents covering accounting transactions for management review.

Roles and responsabilities:

  • Tasks of accounting unit and apply the financial policy of Abjad.
  • Contribute in developing the financial budget planning of the project at the beginning of the school year.
  • Receive the purchase request from the logistic department and cross-check with the financial plan, then prepare the forecasting monthly plan in coordination with the internal initiative office.
  • Coordinate with the logistic department in raising qualitative studies (exceptional cases).
  • Close monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans.
  • Revise and cross check salaries payslip.
  • Double check receipts and invoices received from the logistic department and ensure its reliance to the internal financial policy.
  • Control the cash flow and keep record of the cheques, vendors receipts, banking statements, and other financial documents like the archive.
  • Close the cash for the ongoing month and submit relevant report.
  • Update the actual spending plan and submit related monthly report.
  • Issue the company specific documentations.
  • Issue financial reports specific to some projects.
  • Communication and coordination with finance department management and keep them informed with all details.
  • Ensure bank payments are done on time.
  • Manage the public budget and profit/loss data.
  • Generate cash flow and financial health report and regular reports (monthly, quarterly, end of year), like the public budget, profit and loss data etc. to the finance manager and the board.
  • Double check financial documents and procedures and oublish financial data on time.
  • Reinforce the confidentiality of the financial data, and generate backup copies of the database when necessary.
  • Harmonize with the polices and financial plates in Germany.
  • Conduct financial risk assessment to identify and prevent fraud, squandering, abuse, and embezzlement.
  • Coordinate with internal and external audit during the audit process and prepare the financial audit.
  • Guide, train, and develop the local team capacities in relation to financial management.

Requirements and qualifiactions:

Relevant Bachelor degree (accounting – trade and finance).

Required skills:

  • At least two years of experience in accounting
  • Work under pressure
  • Team spirit
  • Adhere to Abjad’s policies
  • Comply with accountability, clarity, and transparency principles
  • Experience as financial expert
  • Good knowledge in accounting regulations and procedures, including global standards for generating financial reports.
  • Practical experience in using accounting software like QuickBooks (at least one year)
  • Advanced Excel skills including Vlookups and pivot tables
  • Great attention to details and good analytical skills
  • Additional advantages for having CPA or CMA
  • Competent in both Arabic and English (spoken and written)
  • Analyze and present data
  • Ethical behavior

How to apply

The Interested applicants are kindly requested to follow this link to apply:


and attach the CV (CV should be named by the full name of the applicant and make sure it has been uploaded before submission).


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