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Finance and Wealth Management – King’s University College

For Ontario high school students a minimum 80% final entrance average is required. Averages are calculated on the top six 4U or 4M credits including English 4U and MCV 4U.
*Applicants must possess MCV 4U with a grade of 60% or above to be considered for admission.
**This program is only available to students applying to Year 1 of studies
***Students in this program are not eligible to apply to Ivey Business School For more information please see: Finance & Wealth Management Course Listings and Information

Progression Requirements after first year study at King’s:

  • Completion of first-year requirements, including: 3.0 principal courses with minimum average of 70%, and minimum grade of 60% in each
  • 1.0 Business 1220E Intro to Business
  • 1.0 Economics 1021A/B Micro AND 1022A/B Macro
  • 0.5 from: Math 1230A/B or Calculus 1000A/B
  • 0.5 from: Math 1229A/B
  • Must maintain modular and cumulative average of 60% to graduate with the 3 Year BA.

Special Notes:

*Students will be permitted to progress into the second year of the Finance & Wealth Management program based on their academic performance in first year. King’s will review the academic records of all students in progress and recommend those eligible for progression to second year of the program at Fanshawe. Students will be required to maintain a minimum overall average of 60% in each academic year to continue their progression within the program.

*Students who subsequently fail to meet progression or degree requirements for the Finance & Wealth Management collaborative program, but who do meet requirements for another program at any of Western’s campuses or at Fanshawe, may be permitted to transfer to another program at the discretion of the Dean of the relevant Faculty. Students who transfer to another program at Western, will not be able to utilize credit received as part of the Fanshawe diploma.

Year One: King’s University College (total of 5.0 credits)

  • Economic 1021A: Principles of Microeconomics
  • Math 1229A/B: Methods of Matrix Algebra
  • Business 1220E: Introduction to Business
  • Economic 1022B: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Math 1225A/B or, Math 1230B: Methods of Calculus, or, Calculus for the Social Sciences
  • Arts elective
  • 1000 level elective

Year Two: Fanshawe College (total of 6.0 credits)

  • WRIT 1032/34: Reason and Writing
  • BUSI1068: Effective Meetings and Presentations
  • FINA 1062: Financial Planning
  • FINA 1053: Mutual Funds in Canada
  • MKTG 1012: Intro. to Marketing
  • MATH 1057: Math of Finance
  • COMM 3020: Business Communications
  • INSR 3014: Life and Health Insurance Planning
  • FINA 3032: Investment in Canada
  • FINA 1013: Retirement Planning
  • FINA 1025: Individual Taxation
  • FINA 1040: Consumer Credit

Year Three: King’s University College (total of 5.0 courses)

  • Economic 2220A: Intermediate Macroeconomics 1
  • Economic 2222A: Econometrics 1
  • Business 2257: Accounting and Business Analysis
  • ActurSci 2053: Actuarial Sciences
  • Economic 2221B: Intermediate Macroeconomics 2
  • Economic 2223B: Econometrics 2
  • Senior essay course (2000 level or above)

Year Four: Fanshawe College & King’s University College

  • Term 1: Fanshawe College (total of 3.0 credits)
    • FINA3036: Comp. Financial Planning
    • FINA3041: Portfolio Management
    • FINA3030: Tax Planning
    • FINA1012: Risk Management and Estate Planning
    • MGMT3059: Strategic Client Engagement
    • LAWS3063: Business Law
  • Term 2: King’s University College (total of 2.0 credits)
    • MOS 3310B: Finance for MOS
    • MOS3312B: Derivatives Securities for MOS
    • Economic 3370B: International Finance
    • Elective at or above 2000 level

Careers include Analyst (Finance, Investment, Business), Investment Advisor, Insurance and Banking.

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