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Challenge 2025 | World Council of Credit Unions

Sicredi, World Council of Credit Unions’ direct member organization in Brazil, this fall launched Organizador PJ, a digital business financial management (BFM) tool that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Open Finance components to support, in particular, micro-, small- and medium-sized companies in managing their businesses. 

The management tool takes care of financial organization, cash flow and data integration, while the company can focus on decision-making and business development.  

“Around 72% of Brazilian micro-, small- and medium-sized companies use notebooks, bank statements or have no financial controls whatsoever. Organizador PJ is much more than an account aggregator and Open Finance (tool), it brings simplicity and practicality to companies’ financial operations, making it ideal for day-to-day use,” said Felipe Sessin, Superintendent of Legal Entities at Sicredi.  

The solution performs functions similar to a financial department, supporting companies in cash flow management, predictability of the inflow and outflow of resources, and issuing invoices and unified statements, among other functions. The AI aspect of the tool gathers information, cross-references data and projects a surplus or lack of resources, supporting business management.  

Before being made available to all Sicredi members, Organizador PJ went through a testing period during which users noted a 37% reduction in late bill payments. Another positive to come out of the pilot was that 50% of members gave consent to the sharing of information through Open Finance on first access – a number five times higher than market benchmarks.

Organizador PJ currently serves companies primarily operating in the service sector, but will continue to evolve and integrate with other solutions, becoming even more suitable for companies in the commerce and industry sector.   

“The entrepreneur does not need to have knowledge of technology to use it because the tool does not require integrations. They just need to enter the data and let technology support them in financial management. Whether through the online version or mobile app, the solution makes it easier and more reliable for members to dedicate themselves more efficiently to their business,” said Sessin.

In fact, the new tool is so impressive, Sicredi recently took home honors for it at the Open Summit Awards 2023, which rewards the most important innovations of each year in the Brazilian Open Finance ecosystem. The awards ceremony, held on November 23, in São Paulo, recognized Organizador PJ as “Best Open Finance Use Case” and “Best Legal Entity Use Case”. 


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