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Candidate profile: Gavin Fung-Quon, VP finance

Gavin Fung-Quon is running to be the next VP finance on a platform of strengthening services, expanding subsidies, improving communication and simplifying clubs and constituency finances.

The fifth year-international relations student is currently working as the associate VP funds. He also previously held positions as associate VP finance and a financial systems administrator at the AMS.

Fung-Quon said his involvement with the AMS finance office throughout his undergraduate years inspired him to run and create his own financial plans to strengthen the AMS and support the student body.

“It supported me from the start, it supported all my friends from the start, and I believe we can support every student, and that’s what I want to bring as VP finance,” he said.

He believes that his accounting and financial management skills from experience in the AMS finance office set him apart from the other candidate.

Fung-Quon plans to increase community partnerships to alleviate the cost of AMS services like the Food Bank and Safe Walk, which currently represent a significant expenditure in the AMS’ budget.

Currently, Acuitas Therapeutics sponsors egg purchases for the AMS Food Bank.

A top priority for Fung-Quon is expanding student subsidies and making sure that students can access the information. Some subsidies are currently available for students facing financial hardships.

Fung-Quon intends to work on “ensuring that information campaigns are actually reaching students … and [they] provide a clear framework for what information is actually needed for students to successfully complete applications.”

When asked about the AMS/GSS Health & Dental Plan, he noted it “is still not as sustainable as [the AMS] would like it to be.” However, he would prioritize consultation with marginalized communities, including the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and students with disabilities for any further coverage changes.

“You can’t just cut things from students without giving them consultation,” Fung-Quon said.

Another priority for Fung-Quon is simplifying club finances and forming stronger connections with club treasurers.

According to Fung-Quon, the current deposit system for clubs is “bottlenecked by a very manual process” that can be automated.

To create a stronger community for club treasurers and other executives, Fung-Quon plans on hosting events and “getting on the ground floor with clubs” to fully understand their issues and concerns.

“It’s super important to get that engagement [from clubs] because there’s over 400 clubs and [we have] to make sure [we] recognize their hard work,” said Fung-Quon.

To address the anticipated $738k deficit in the AMS, Fung-Quon wants to work with the managing director to ensure financial sustainability of businesses in the Nest and increase their revenues.

“It’s really just shifting that mindset [towards financial sustainability] and sticking to a plan in order to reach a better [and more] sustainable operations goal,” said Fung-Quon.

When asked about specific policies he would implement, he did not provide a direct answer, however, emphasized the importance of establishing a three to five year financial plan.

Fung-Quon is running against Mohkam Singh Malik.

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