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Best budget planner books to save money in 2023


ome people are life’s natural planners. They live by to-do lists, have detailed Excel spreadsheets for places to visit, and the socks in their drawers are always, always in pairs.

Other people… er, not so much.

For some folks, chaos is a life code and spontaneity is part of the picture. But when it comes to personal finances, planning is always key to ensure you have enough for both the essentials and the fun stuff.

With the cost-of-living crisis rolling into another winter, it’s never been more timely to know how much cash you have coming in and where exactly it’s going – especially if you find yourself short and dipping into your overdraft every week before payday. Scribbling down wages, student loan repayments and bills on the back of an envelope may work in the short term, but won’t exactly encourage regular habits – especially if it accidentally gets thrown out with the bins.

A money diary or a planner can help map your incomings, bills and other expenses, organising them in a way that’s clear to see, with wiggle room for occasional and seasonal spending. The mere act of physically writing them down can help some make sense of cash flow in a way that might be lost on a phone or a spreadsheet.

A planner is also excellent for short-term occasions, like wedding planning or making sure you’ve got enough in the bank for a big birthday or the holiday of a lifetime. It can also be a helpful tool if you’ve got debt to pay off, whether it’s the odd credit card or a larger loan.

If you’re looking for an easy way to balance your books and get your home or personal finances in order, a planner is a good place to start. You can begin at any age; in fact, parents may find it a great habit to instil in children while they’re young.

We’ve rounded up the nicest-looking planners to help manage your budget so you can take stock of your purse strings all in one place.

Shop the best below

Wonder Finance Planner


As a purveyor of seriously chic stationery, Papier has it all, from occasion cards to headed notepaper. This financial planner, available in blue and pink as well as green, is part of the range, and is so much more than a place to jot down your spends.

The 96-leaf hardback design is made with undated pages, tracking tools, six-month and one-year reviews to help you reflect and spaces to budget for things like Christmas, holidays and birthdays. Best of all, there are helpful articles from money expert Kalpana Fitzpatrick to give you tops as you go. A nice investment in your financial health.

Papier has dozens more designs to browse here.

Smarpau A6 Budget Binder


At A6 size, this leather-effect binder is small enough to keep in your bag for budgeting on the go. Inside you’ll find a mix of money-helping tools, from budget sheets to binder pockets to keep cash and stickers galore, making organising a breeze. As well as everyday planning, this could work as a travel wallet for big trips overseas.

Hobonichi Techo Cousin Book


This aesthetically pleasing, grid-lined journal is slightly more hi-tech than most daily planners for a few reasons. It does mean we wouldn’t recommend it to those looking for an ultra-simple system.

Designed by the Japanese stationery brand Hobonochi, the Techno Cousin Book operates in a similar manner to a traditional Bullet Journal, just without any of the convoluted symbols and constant switching between pages. It contains a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily calendar – therefore giving you the option to plan a little further in advance than a classic daily planner.

Expense Book: Finance Monthly & Weekly Budget Planner


Offering monthly, weekly and daily ways to list your incomings and outgoings, this 148-page book makes light work of keeping a closer eye on your budget. The simple grid boxes make it easy to stay organised and there’s space for notes allowing you to absorb and reflect.

The Classy Planner Store Monthly Planner Pad

The Classy Planner Store

This colour-coded planner is one to use for every day, but the simple design makes it perfect for kids and teens who are learning to manage pocket money. The unmarked calendar style means you can get to work using it at any point of the year – it’s never too late to start.

Boxclever Press Lightweight Budget Planner

Boxclever Press

Facing debt is the only way to beat it. If you’re tired of sticking your head in the sand, this financial planner offers a way to face up to it while giving you a plan to get you on your way to financial freedom. You may not feel like thinking about it, but having a plan of action offers a way out.

As well as a debt tracker so you can see the amount dwindle (so satisfying), this money diary offers a way to track savings as well as general household budgeting and day-to-day expenditures. There’s also a calendar to note when big bills need paying and when wages are coming in to keep you on track.

Kitsch Noir Notes Budget Planner

Kitsch Noir

If you’re trying to wean your teenager off asking for a few quid here and there on top of their allowance, this concise planner could help. It will teach them how to manage their money while encouraging them to think about savings too. As well as working out their totals at the end of each week, there’s a prompt to encourage better habits for next time, with the hope that they will be more mindful in the future.

Budget Planner Collated & Curated Finance Binder


If you’re looking for a planner that means business, this smart hardback is the one to help you focus. It’s been mindfully made, with monthly budgeting, savings trackers and long-term goals to think about, as well as a plan to help you get there. It comes with 12 months of inserts so you can get started right away, with extra inserts available when you run out. A smart and polished design that’s pleasing to the eye.

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