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Angostura, UNICOMER seeking to fill finance and accounting roles

Companies in T&T are seeking the best possible talent for accounting and finance roles on www.caribbeanjobs.com.

The available positions include Accountants, Finance Managers, Accounting Associates and more.

Applicants should assess every job description carefully and apply if they have the right combination of skills, qualifications and experience.

Here are 10 Accounting and Finance jobs in T&T on www.caribbeanjobs.com:  

Angostura Limited – Financial Accountant – Assets & Inventory

UNICOMER (Trinidad) Ltd – Accounting Officer – Accounts Payables & GL

Senior Accounting Officer– Accounts Payables & GL

NES Fircroft – Accountant

Finance Manager

AS Bryden & Sons (Trinidad) Limited & Bryden pi Limited – Accounting Assistant – Local payables

Aegis Business Solutions Limited – Accounting Associate I

Accounting Associate III

EY Caribbean – Quality and Risk Management- Senior Associate

Electrical Industries Group Ltd (EIG) – Chief Financial Officer

Garth Francis

Caribbeanjobs.com Tips (Caribbeanjobs.com Contributor Garth Francis MBA)

Getting a new job is nice. Fitting in well at your new job is even better. What are some of the things that can be done to ensure that you “fit in” well at your new job?

-Get to understand the company culture. Set up meetings with your team so that you can understand them as individuals as well as the roles that they play within the organisation. Ask questions about norms in the company, “unwritten rules” and company traditions.

-Identify the key persons who you will be directly working with. Attempt to establish a good, professional relationship with them. Understanding the organisational structure will help with this endeavour.

-Find out about recent changes that were made at the company. Get an understanding of how employees generally react to change and how change is managed. This will be useful if you need to implement changes in your new role.

-Seek feedback and be willing to assess constructive criticism. You can rapidly improve if you get a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses. You can also add greater value if you understand how your performance is having an impact on others.

-Ask for assistance if you need it. This might seem obvious, but it often doesn’t happen. There are probably persons who would be willing to assist you with developing good relations with your co-workers. Persons in the company can also provide guidance on how to improve your performance.

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